Day 3 – Monteriggioni to Siena

With Lorna sick in bed, I left the Monastery on my way to Monteriggioni, first stop a cafe for breakfast then I pressed on walking down white streets of the Sienese mountain towards Cerbaia, an ancient Medieval village that is abandoned and ruined.

The path wound through scrub and brush heading for the castles of Chiocciola and Villa, before going down to the riverbed of Pian del Lago. At a makeshift stop, I met two couples from the US. We continued on together, through the woods of Renai before reaching Porta Camollia, traditional Francigena access to Siena.

This route was quite short and easy, but with little services and uphill climb into Siena, it felt hard.

Lorna had found a taxi to take her into Siena where I found her resting and dehydrated, poor thing! At least we had planned an extra day in Siena and she could recover.

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