Day 1 – San Gimignano to Gracciano

San Gimignano was wet but, still lovely. The hotel I saw 30 years ago that impressed me so taught me a valuable lesson about perception, context, and change! What I was impressed with in my 30’s has changed in my 60’s, not a bad place, great location and generally clean and comfortable, was very basic and not impressive at all. Our dinner of Wild Boar was as anticipated and wonderful!

This first stage for us, approximately 17 km to a pre-booked hotel in Gracciano Dell’Elsa a nice hotel with a pool! The only problem was the weather, cold and raining off and on. We still enjoyed the walk, it is hilly in Tuscany, but starting downhill is a good thing in the early morning.

One of the most beautiful routes along Via Francigena. We leave San. Gimignano, after going up and down, reaches Molino d’Aiano, a resort along the track of Sigerico. We walk further towards Badia a Coneo to our resting place in Gracciano at Hotel II Pieriero right on the VF.


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