The Plan for Italy

I am getting very excited about the walk in Italy, the scenery, buildings, food, and wine. Our plan is set, we leave Lisbon on May 11 to Florence (Firenze) spend one night then by train to San Gimignano to start the walk. We will stop in the following towns and have reservations in each. This walk is about enjoyment, not suffering!

San Gimignano we will stay in the center of this ancient town of towers. I’ve been there a few times and the hotel I booked is one I found in 1996 and have wanted to stay there since, La Cisterna.

Gracciano is our next stop, nearly 1/2 way to Monteriggioni, we are breaking this stage into two parts. The Hotel Il Pietreto looks like a nice place to rest and if warm enough take a swim.

Monteriggioni is the third stop, a walled town known for its medieval fortifications and watchtowers. The castle walls offer views of the surrounding Chianti region. We have a small B&B booked inside the walls, Contessa Ava dei Lambardi.

Siena, beautiful and amazing every time I visit! We will stay here for two nights and explore. A small accommodation in the center, Attilio Camere will provide a resting place after a long day of wandering.

Ponte d’arabia where we will stay in a former castle in the countryside, griturismo Castello Saltemnano.

Radicofani is our next stop, we will take a taxi to this place and skip the 30+ km stage rated very difficult. We rented a house with two bedrooms near the town, Casa Sotto La Rocca.

Proceno 22km away from Radicofani, where we will enjoy a second restored castle, Castello Di Proceno Albergo Diffuso In Dimora D’Epoca.

Bolsena is a town by the same name as the lake in Lazio. Although bit touristy we plan to stay in a nice place, VesConte Residenza D’epoca dal 1533 in the center with a view of the lake. If there is the time I will try to visit, Civita di Bagnoregio where an Institute related to my University in Seattle resides.

Montefiascone has Hotel Urbano V, about 100 km north of Rome.

Viterbo was the seat of the popes in the 13th century. We can explore The Palazzo dei Papi, a palace with an elegant loggia, San Lorenzo Cathedral, with a Gothic bell tower, frescoes and a 15th-century baptismal font after our day of walking. Our lodging is in the center, B&B Medieval House.

Vetralla where we will stay in our first Albergo, Albergo Da Benedetta and rest with the weary pilgrims.

Sutri an ancient town is picturesquely situated on a narrow tuff hill, surrounded by ravines, a narrow neck on the west alone connecting it with the surrounding country. We booked a B&B, Nerone’s.

Campagnano di Roma, we are getting close to Rome. We booked a private house, André’s House for the night. This town is mostly a commuters residence for people working in Rome.

La Storta is our last walking destination. We will take the train from here into Rome and spend the night there before returning to Florence by train.

I will be posting photos and descriptions of the walk here and on my ruin rescue facebook page if you are interested in following along. Please post any questions you might have and I will respond as soon as possible.

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