After much investigation into the Le Puy Camino in October I realized the walk would be tougher than I thought. Many of the accommodations were scheduled to shut down in mid October and the weather is pretty iffy that time of the year. So, it was time to look for a walk better suited to my availability.

The Algarviana hit the spot, 14 days walking across Southern Portugal. Well marked, with well defined sectors in small villages with accommodation choices. I began to look for places to stay and realized they were already being booked. I begin on October 13 in Alcoutim on the Portuguese Spanish border. The 14 days of walking, 330 km, will take me to Sagres on the South western coast of Portugal. via-algarviana-mapa-novo.jpg.653x244.thumb

The Plan:

  1. Alcoutim 24.2 km

2. Balurcos 14.3 km

3. Furnazinas 20.3 km

4. Vaqueiros 14.88 km

5. Cachopo 29.1 km

6. Barranco do Velho 14.9 km

7. Salir 16.2 km

8. Alte 19.3 km

9. Messines 27.6 km

10. Silves 28.6 km

11. Monchique 14.7 km

12. Marmelete 30 km

13. Bensafrim 30.2 km

14. Vila do Bispo 17.7 km

Sagres – done!


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