Work in the Garden

What can one do with tons of cut stones in a 900 sf space?

The olive trees were the focus of two projects, enclosing their roots in stone retaining walls. The second floor bedroom now opens onto a stone patio with cascading stairs down to the garden, the perfect place for a morning coffee. We had our amazing contractor Trindade and Duarte build stairs, retaining walls and raised flower beds.


Before, the original olive tree on the slope near the wall


After: the stairs, patio and retaining wall





Before: olive tree at back of garden


After: cascading steps to flower garden

One comment to “Work in the Garden”
  1. And then there is the garden. The coup de grace. It is stunning what artisans can do with stone. Just think of the dollars you saved by not having to bring it in or have it removed. Much better to enlist local stone masons/builders to build something that will last another 800 years.

    Your vision, capability and capacity to give this ruin new life is most admirable. Heck, my shower light bulb has been out for two months.

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