Thinking About the Next Camino


Halfway through the Camino in April, If you had asked me if I would ever do this again, I would have said, “no way!” At the time it was hard for me to understand why so many people I met were doing this for the 2nd, 4th, or even 8th time… Were they crazy? So, here I am, nearly 4 months after finishing the Camino Frances thinking, dreaming and planning to do it again. This time from Portugal.

The Portuguese Camino is also quite popular, this means well marked, documented with places to stay along the walk. This is one of the things I learned last time, you have to know where you’re going and have some place to sleep/eat. And, if you know me you understand why doing this in Portugal is especially wonderful.

My plan is to start in Santarem (stage 4) and walk to Santiago. The route should take about 3 weeks and is about 520 km (324 miles). Starting sometime in April or May 2015. And, yes I will post the Portuguese ruins on the way to Santiago. I expect them to be spectacular!

2 comments to “Thinking About the Next Camino”
  1. I LOVED BOTH CAMINOS… 2012 & 2014
    I am like you, looking at the third posibility đŸ˜€


  2. Thank you for your note Hanne, my plan is to walk the Portuguese Camino starting in Tomar in September. I believe most people start in Porto, but I love central Portugal and have driven it many times, walking sounds like an new fun way to explore. Will be posting photos while on the walk, check back in the fall.


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