And… We Have a Roof!

Watching the renovation of this amazingly old structure fascinates me. As excited as I am at the prospect of sleeping in the finished product, I can not help but be overwhelmed at the construction process.

In April, I arrived in Portugal, the “ruin” had only been worked on for a few days. The roof was off, tiles stacked in the garden for reuse, the plaster was removed from the front of the house as well as some of the interior walls. Great progress for 5 days work.

May and June was entirely focused on reconstruction; cutting new openings, stabilizing ancient stones and skimming new plaster across the old stones.

July has been all about the roof to seal in the house and further stabilize the structure. After the exterior walls were finished the roof beams (logs) were added. Pine boards were then laid on the structure as the finished ceiling. Next a few layers of insulation to keep out the heat and the cold. Panels of PVC sealed the roof from moisture and provide a platform for the ancient tiles to be put back. Not unlike a cabin roof in the Northwest.

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