Day 17 – to Carrión de Los Condes

Leaving our very cool Albergue behind, slept in a barn loft, we are headed for Fromista. The town begins with a walk across a bridge over the river locks. This was originally built by the Romans. Very cool!!! Heading for Villalcazar de Sirga or maybe Carrion de Los Condes if my toe holds out! 

Along the ‘Way’ in Spain we pass through very small villages, fewer than 100 inhabitants in some cases. It amazes me when I see grand buildings, renovated beautifully by the proud local municipalities or by a private individual. Most of these properties are very old, represent the style of the region and are respected in their restoration. Some, as in the locks (above) are not buildings but structures treated with the same respect for the past. The building in the first photo below is in the process of being restored.

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